Tuesday, 30 August 2016

WW1 Operational Rules

Image result for the somme battle

This Saturday is our first attempt at trying a WW1 operational game.  Russ has completed the trenches and barbed wire as well as providing the British and German troops and I promised to put some thought into the actual rules, so here goes;

As there are only three of us we will use half the operational map, 1C, 1D, 2C, 2D & 3B.  We will use exactly the same terrain as the WW2 games - Russ can you make sure you bring your photos to enable a fast set up on Saturday.

In future games when we use the full set of tables I will change the river line to a marsh with a ridge line for WW1 battles.

As it's the 100th anniversary of the Somme the British will be attacking.  This will be the first time that the British will have been fully deployed and Russ has been busy getting them ready for the "Big Push".  A full corp of Pals battalions ready to knock the Hun for Six!

The Germans will deploy a full division in defence - although there may be more reinforcements if the British prolong their preliminary bombardment.

I propose Russ takes charge of the British and Mark takes charge of the Germans.  Russ, you are more familiar with your troops.  I will umpire or step in if Mark is baby sitting cats or surprised by a sudden wedding!

We will use the rules as outlined from Page 56; please familiarise yourselves with this before Thursday when we will conduct the preliminary bombardment.

Instead of six areas we will bombard by table, but there will be limitations in range;
100mm< = 1x table adjacent.
101mm - 149mm = 2x tables
150mm> = 3x tables.

British artillery attached to brigades will partake in the preliminary bombardment.

Each turn the Germans can move reinforcements from one table to another.  Each turn the British will bombard every target type chosen on a particular table.

Mark, you will need to allocate troops secretly.  Trenches, barbed wire and other defences will be indicated prior to the preliminary bombardment.

Both of you will need to plan any preplanned bombardments for when the game begins on Saturday.  Again give it some thought for Thursday.

On page 59 there is an example of play that is basically a blue print for Saturday - please read it.  I was going to set the game in July 1916 so we won't be using the late war additional artillery.

Russ, you will need to attack in waves as outlined in 15.2.6.  Your troops will be attacking from the table edge so you can set them up off table.  I will let you choose to use a brigade in line followed next turn by another or split a brigade into first line and support line.  This may effect your command and control.

Command zones for Divisional commanders are anywhere upon the table on which they are situated.  Dug in divisional commanders can command units on adjacent tables - obviously important for the Germans but does allow the British to dig in and expand their area of occupation (this would require engineering!).  Corp commanders can control subordinates on adjacent tables or x2 tables if dug in.


Should have added these rules in the original post;

Objective points are 1 for 1st line tables, 2 for 2nd line and 3 for third line.  Russ will place an objective marker on the first line of tables, both Russ and Mark will place one each on the 2nd line and Mark will place two and Russ one on the third line.

1-4 points = defeat.
5-6 points = tactical win
8-9 points = strategic breakthrough.

Mark gets to put a continuous line of barbed wire across the first line tables.  He then gets a further 4 feet that he can place anywhere.

There will be a continuous trench line across all five tables.  Mark can add extra if Russ has any leftover!  German artillery may be on table and dug in or in bunkers.

I hope that gives enough to think on.  Please familiarise yourselves with these concepts, the rules and the troops you are commanding so we can hit the ground running on Thursday.  I will go through all of this at my house on Thursday - Jon and Phil if you are free please come along.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

WW1 new trenches & wire

Here's a few photos of my newly finished wire and trenches to get you in the mood for next Saturday.

I think these will improve the overall look of our WW1 games and despite the £80 cost of the trenches think it was money well spent.

Note the top trenches will look like the bottom. They just need a coat of varnish to dull them down. The same colours have been used on both sets!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Blues triumph, well almost

Went over to Jon's on Wednesday for an ACW battle
I was the boys in blue attacking with 2 corps, which worked out to 10 brigades of infantry 2 brigades of cavalry and 4 batteries of guns.
My troops were mainly regular with a sprinkling of Veterans and green.
Jon had 2 large divisions of confederates in a defensive position guarding the road and their line of supply/retreat.

Union advance down the road

2Nd corps on between the woods
As 1st corps grinds on

cavalry come on and run down a battery, then dismount and box 2 confederate brigades in the wood

2 confederate brigades trapped in a wood

Confederate left flank gone,
reserves dig in at wood edge to halt the union right swing

Union struggle to make headway against enemy behind wall

Union black hats get in and then are thrown out

Confederate reserves couldn't hold and the union right swing pushes on

End of play
Confederate troops hold the fence line but they are about to be out flanked by the Union right.
2nd union corps could make no headway against stubborn resistance.
great game
thanks Jon

Friday, 12 August 2016

All hail the British 25 pdr

Thursday nights game
was too busy rolling double sixes (so this is what it feels like to be Russ, Omnipotent)
to take many pictures.
British Attacked from two directions using Churchill VII tanks as flank attack with 2 regiments of 25 Pdrs providing cover fire .
German reserves came on behind the British flank attack but the tanks rumbled out of range and out of  danger.
main German battalion redeployed to counter the threat but the trusty 25 Pdrs took out the infantry at the wood edge making the support weapons impotent.
These 500 point encounter games are very challenging where you have to use combined arms to succeed , recon is a must

Ian have a look at Hotz mats, I can be talked into buying some roads.